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Reader's Resources

Reader's Resources

The following resources and studies are provided to support your work and
expand your own learning and discovery about putting our differences to

Putting Our Differences to Work DISCUSSION GUIDE [PDF]
A chapter-by-chapter guide for reading groups, team discussion, and classes using the book.

Putting Our Differences to Work Organizational Snapshot

Choice either the PDF or PowerPoint version. Each has instructions and is fully explained in Debbe Kennedy's book, Putting Our Differences to Work.

Global Dialogue Center

A virtual gathering place for people throughout the world with an inten-
tional focus on leadership, professional, and personal development. It is also
the home of Women in the Lead. Available here.


Related Videos and Tools from Joel Barker

Joel Barker has an extensive library of videos and other useful tools for putting our differences to work. Here are a few that will support you in all the phases of change:

  • Innovation at the Verge 2009 Video Release - View Trailer
    2009 video release - In this bold, new program, Innovation at the Verge, Barker teaches how to create your own future by finding your next innovation. Joel Barker highlights Putting Our Differences to Work in this film, as well as honoring Leadership Solutions as an innovator at the verge, the award-winning enterprise Debbe Kennedy founded in 1991. Joel Barker also created a separate video overview of Putting Our Differences to Work, describing it as a guidebook for Innovation at the Verge. See Barker's Video BOOK Overview
  • Wealth, Innovation and Diversity:
    Putting Our Differences to Work in the 21st Century

    Joel discusses the connection between diversity and innovation and between innovation and wealth. Supporting workshop by Debbe Kennedy
  • Power of Vision
    The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change -- for success -- that companies, schools, communities, nations, and individuals possess.
  • Paradigm Pioneers
    Paradigm Pioneers identifies the essential traits of these trailblazers and discusses how you can become one.
  • Leadershift: Five Lessons for Leaders in the 21st Century
    The concept of leadership is changing. Leadershift explores these shifts and offers five concepts to improve the performance of any leader.
  • The New Business of Paradigms
    Organizations need to innovate and change in order to survive. Joel’s best-selling training video, The New Business of Paradigms, explains how the rules we live by can limit our ability to innovate and be creative.

All are available through Star Thrower Distribution: (800) 242-3220.

Implications Wheel

A strategic tool for exploring the future and long-term implications of change. Available here.

Seeds of innovation Team and Organization assessment

This assessment, created by Elaine Dundon and Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., allows individuals and teams to identify where new ideas and processes are thriving and what’s standing in the way. Available through HRDQ and here.

Related Resources and Studies

The direct online links to related resources and studies are below. Each provides a unique perspective on changing workplaces, marketplaces, and communities and the opportunities we have to put our differences to work.


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